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I know at that point I should have given the situation more thought. And I should have used my imagination to guess even a little bit of what lay before me. But, Sis, I was just so happy at finding something to live for and so engrossed by the clear eyes of the girl sitting nearby that the mere thought of such things seemed wrong.


Renton Thurston, Eureka Seven

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"You can try your hardest. you can do everything. and say everything. But sometimes, people aren’t worth trying over anymore. they aren’t worth worrying about. It’s important to know when to let someone go when they’re letting you down."

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There’s nothing I hate more than someone who only wants to talk to me when they’re having troubles/issues. But when life if good they won’t talk to me.

And then they won’t talk to me, or help me at all when my life is not good. let alone listen to me when my life is good.

When someone wants to…


Then when i’ve given up giving a shit about their life, they act as if i’m the one with the problem. Like I’M ignoring them. REALLY? 

Yes congratulations i am still here seen as you haven’t noticed lately..

How about you not be so selfish and think about someone else for a change??

I feel so used! Arghhh :/

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“Why do people say “grow some balls”? Balls are weak and sensitive! If you really wanna get tough, grow a Vagina! Those things take a pounding!”


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how to dress for your shape: are you human-shaped? play up your natural sex appeal by wearing whatever the fuck you want

Life Tip: As the weather gets warmer, continue to wear whatever the fuck you want. Flaunt everything or keep it cool under cover. Dress to make yourself feel rad.

how to get a bikini body:
put a bikini on your body

Want to look great naked? Take all your clothes off.


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I actually forgot this was on Something-Fishy but here are some photos of my coping bank. I used bright colored sheets of paper folded in half and filled an old aromatherapy stress relief body scrub jar (it still has the scent… BONUS). I put the text from Something-Fishy to make it easier since I’m not great at explaining things… they also give you some examples of things you can put in your coping bank but in the end it’s really up to you… put in anything that helps!! And have fun!!

Text from Something-Fishy

Coping Bank is the same — we take what we learn about coping alternatives and put them away, in the backs of our minds, for when we needs them. But during recovery that can be difficult, and during times of crisis it’s often hard to think of what we should do.

Make your own Coping Bank and you can go and make a withdrawal when you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed, confused (etc.) and in need of healthy ways to handle it.

How to do it:

1. Use a shoebox, an old piggy bank, a tupperware container, a juice bottle — it should be something you can cut a slit in to make your deposits, but that is easily opened so you can make withdrawals when you have to.

Decorate the item you chose with magic markers, crayons, paper, buttons, ribbon, photos of loved-ones, affirmations, fabric, cartoon characters, anything you like!

Cut a small slit somewhere in the top or side of your item — this is where you will make deposits.

Write a whole bunch of healthy coping alternatives on small sheets of colored paper (like construction paper, stationary, old greeting cards, index cards). Here are some examples…

  • Write in your Journal
  • Listen to your favorite music
  • Write at least 5 affirmations
  • Color in a coloring book
  • Play your favorite instrument
  • Tell one person how you feel
  • Pop or stomp on bubble-wrap
  • Have a water balloon fight
  • Paint a picture
  • Take a long hot bath
  • Go berry picking
  • Take a long drive
  • Take a leisurely walk
  • Rent your favorite movie
  • Take a trip to the toy store
  • Fingerpaint, Doodle
  • Build with blocks. Build a tower and knock it down
  • Build with Legos
  • Spend time with your pet
  • more ways to cope…
  • Come up with your own too!

Take all these little sheets of paper and deposit them into your bank. You can always add more as time goes on, you can make deposits whenever the mood strikes you! You should initially try to get at least ten to fifteen ideas in your bank.

Place you Coping Bank on your dresser, next to your bed, in your china cabinet — someplace easily accessible and where you’ll know where it is.

Make a mental commitment to yourself to go to your Coping Bank when you need to!

Next time you are feeling sad, angry, overwhelmed, confused, or stressed-out, and need to find healthy ways to cope, go to your Coping Bank and make a withdrawal. Pull out one of those sheets of paper and do what it says! (remember to put it back in your bank after you’ve read it, so it’s there for the future).

Remind yourself… “I am taking care of ME!”

Why have i never seen or heard about these before?? I am doing this right now! Such a good idea x

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